• Megadrive/Genesis game flash cartridge

Megadrive/Genesis game flash cartridge

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This product use the micro sd, for more perfect the appearance of the card, it is more convenient to use.



Super Street Fighter II supported

SEGA Master System Games supported

SEGA 32x games supported

CD-BIOS Loading function

Battery SRAM Save available for MegaDrive/GENESIS/MasterSystem games

SRAM auto backup on SD Card

FAT16 and FAT32 are supported

Support SD Card up to 32GB

GameGenie cheat codes supported

Flashed game will stay in memory after power off


known supported systems:

MegaDrive/GENESIS 1/2/3, WonderMega/X'EYE, MultiMega/SDX, Nomad, Retron 3, Super RetroTRIO, 32X


Do not support cloning console 

reset option should be disabled for next systems:

WonderMega/X'EYE, Retron 3